May 26, 2018

About Us

Mission Statement

The mission of the University of Miami American Society of Civil Engineers student chapter is to serve as a bridgeway for civil, architectural, and environmental engineering students in their development and advancement as professional engineers.
This organization promotes integrity, professionalism, and technical prowess in all civil engineering disciplines. It serves as a network to forge relationships amongst students, our department faculty, and the professional engineering community in hopes of the betterment of civilization for all humanity. Through outreach and service we inspire energy and enthusiasm for engineering in the community as we provide them with a higher understanding and appreciation of civil engineering.


The University of Miami Student Chapter of ASCE was founded on January 27, 1961. Since then many of our Chapter members have excelled in their engineering education and have gone out to be successful engineers. Many civil engineering students have put their time and talents into this Chapter and the Department of Civil, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering in an effort to help our College of Engineering evolve to where it is today. We have competed in the annual Southeastern Conference for many years, placing in such competitions as the Concrete Canoe, various Canoe races, Geotechnical Engineering, Balsa Wood Bridge, Concrete Strength (Cylinders), Visual Presentation, Conference T-shirt Contests, Banner Contests, and Mystery Events. We have had many successful years and some rebuilding years, but we have always kept at a constant our will to work our hardest and to "Rock like a Hurricane" as the song says. Our Hurricane pride moves us to become better citizens as well as better civil engineers. Throughout our quests, the effort of our faculty and staff, extending all the way back to the beginning in 1961 to that of the present, have always done everything they possibly could to help us succeed in our tasks. That relentless diligence is one major part of what has set the foundation for what our organization has become. Today we are a hungry group, working extremely hard to reach our goals at the very highest of levels. Our goals are that of constantly challenging our members further to further our climb to the top in every possible opportunity. This is today's University of Miami Student Chapter of American Society of Civil Engineers.

Annual Reports

The annual report is an overview of the accomplishments of our chapter for the calendar year. Information in the annual report includes statistics about membership, leadership, finances and activities. This document is sent to the National Headquarters of ASCE every year to verify the reality of our student chapter and to maintain eligibility for many events, including the Concrete Canoe and Steel Bridge Competitions.